For Katie Blair House or Flora O'Neil, the applicant  must have had a CAN intake appointment by calling 211

If you are homeless and from the Southeastern CT region, have called 211, have had a CAN intake appointment, and can find no other housing - please contact the Southeastern CT CAN Manager David Gonzalez Rice at or (860) 785-4420

​Bethsaida accepts applications from women from all regions of CT.  

Flora O'Neil Apartments

Katie Blair House

Since opening our doors, Bethsaida has provided Recovery Housing for its transitional, permanent, and low income housing.  All programs are voluntary - clients who come to Bethsaida have chosen to focus on their recovery from substance use disorders, and previous trauma.   

Bethsaida's Addiction/Recovery Website


Katie Blair House (KBH) - Opened in 1990, this program helps women who are at the beginning stages of putting their lives back on track.  For more information, please call (860) 886-7511 or email  

If DMHAS funded, participants will begin paying the program participation fee on the first day they are no longer eligible for DMHAS funding (housing funding for KBH).

Flora O'Neil Apartments (FON) - A HUD funded supportive housing program that offers 1 bedroom units to individuals and 2 bedroom units to families.  Opened January 2006.  FON is part of the Coordinated Access Network.  All applicants must call 211 and then press 3 and then 1.  For more information, please call  (860) 886-7511 or email